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Civil Eats: Organic Hops: Coming in 2013

Posted on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 in Uncategorized by goodfoodawards

Some consumers may be surprised to hear that the organic beer they have been drinking isn’t necessarily made with organic hops. While not the major ingredient of the four components of beer—along with malt, yeast and water—hops are nonetheless crucial in creating it. By placing hops on the National List of “Allowed and Prohibited Substances” in 2007, the USDA approved the use of conventional hops in beer labeled organic, provided that the producer can prove that the organic version is unavailable. But this allowance is about to change. Beginning in 2013, all beer labeled organic must be made with organic hops.

Back in 2007, the placement of hops on the list was arguably warranted. Most organic hops were produced in New Zealand and Europe and many local varieties were unavailable in organic form. While some organic brewers stayed the course and sourced organically, others opted for local over organic ingredients. As organic hops were not required in organic beer, many U.S. growers found it hard to sell their organic product.

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