The Awards

Rules and Regulations

Good Food Awards 2018 Rules and Regulations

Entry Period:

The 2018 entry period will open July, 2017. Please check back here for updates this spring.

Entering your Product:
The entry process was designed to be as simple as possible, and involves filling out the online entry form, paying the entry fee per product ($68 in 2017), and mailing in a sample of your entry for the September judging. Finalists will be contacted for a vetting interview about their production practices to verify what they submitted on their online entry form.

To begin, use the short online entry form. This form will be accessible through a button on the home page. The entry form requires basic company information and a self-certification to the responsible production criteria outlined on each form. Please add to your email inbox so that you receive all further updates about your entry status.

Shipping Samples:
Information on how to ship your product will be sent to all entrants in an email in mid-August, once the entry period closes. All shipping costs are to be covered by the entrant and the quantity required varies according to category and follows industry standards.  Shipping information for the 2018 Good Food Awards will be sent via email to all entrants.

The seventh annual Good Food Awards honored food and drink from fourteen different categories: beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, cider, coffee, confections, preserved fish, honey, oils, pantry, pickles, preserves and spirits. For the types of foods eligible from each category, please view the criteria page.

There is an entry fee for each product submitted. This fee goes to offset the cost of processing entries and the Blind Tasting. The fee is payable with a credit card or Paypal account upon completion of the entry form. If you do not have a credit card, you may pay by check (contact us for mailing information at Due to the high volume of entries, all entry fees are non-refundable, so please ensure the products you enter fit the guidelines outlined on the entry form. In 2017 the entry fee was $68 per product and we anticipate 2018 costs will be similar.

Limit on Number of Entries:
To ensure we can fairly judge the quantity of entries received, each company is limited to 3 entries per category, except for coffee roasters who are restricted to 2 entries. For example, a company that produces both preserves and pickles may enter up to six products, three pickles and three preserves. A separate entry form must be filled out for entries in different categories. Please choose the products you consider to best exemplify the qualities of tasty, authentic and responsible.

Blind Tasting:
All submissions that meet the criteria for entry as outlined on the entry form will be judged at a Blind Tasting in September of 2017 in San Francisco. Each category has its own panel of judges with special expertise in the industry, whose names can be found on the website starting in August. In all categories, Awards are given to the top scorers in the Blind Tasting from each region provided they pass the vetting process and meet the minimum tasting scores put in place to ensure that consistent exceptional taste quality is found in all winners across categories and regions.

Entrants are eligible for winning a Good Food Award if they satisfy each of the category-specific authenticity and responsible production criteria to which all must certify to on the entry form. All those determined to be Finalists and Winners by the Blind Tasting will be vetted through interviews by the Good Food Awards team and its committees of experts before being awarded those honors. Providing false information in these interviews, or at any point of the entry process, is grounds for disqualification.

Ceremony and Marketplace:
All Good Food Award Winners will be invited to be honored at an invitation-only Ceremony on January 19, 2018 and to sell at a special public Good Food Awards Marketplace on January 21, 2018. Both events will be in San Francisco.

1. Up to 3 entries are allowed per producer in all categories except for coffee. Up to 2 entries are allowed per coffee producer.
2. Producers must wait one year to re-enter a Good Food Award winning product.*
3. Each product entered requires a processing entry fee, payable by credit card through PayPal via the entry form.**
4. All entry fees are non-refundable due to the high volume of entries.
5. Shipping and product costs for entries to be covered by entrant.
6. Products must be made in a licensed kitchen, or as required by state and local regulations, and be ready for sale.
7. Entrants may be called prior to or after the Blind Tasting to confirm they meet the eligibility details listed in the Entry Form and disqualified if any statements are found to be false.

*To pave the way for new products and entry-level producers, beginning with the 2017 Awards, there will be a one-year wait period on re-entering a Good Food Award winning product.

**Contact if you would prefer to pay by check.