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Note: The Good Food Awards Winners are chosen by selecting the three highest-scoring Finalists from each region within each category, so your entries will be judged against other entries from the region that you fall into in the above map.

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Only bean to bar chocolate is eligible for entry in the Chocolate category. To allow the opportunity for more Awards, bean to bar makers may enter their flavored and inclusion bars into either the Chocolate OR Confections category. If you'd like to review the full criteria before entering, please click here. Please note: 2016 Award-winning products may not be resubmitted for an Award until next July. We hope you'll enter one of your other amazing creations this year!


Pledge of Eligibility - Chocolate

In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, I pledge that all my entries fit the following criteria. I understand that if I am a finalist I will be asked to further elaborate on how my entries reflect these criteria, and I understand that false statements are grounds for disqualification. Should the vetting committee request further details, I will be willing to provide information about production practices as well as contact information for businesses and individuals directly involved in the production of my entries.


DISCLOSURE: All the information provided in this entry form is true, accurate and complete as of the date of this application.