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Please tell us a little about your entries, and how they fit the Good Food Awards criteria. Please note that up to three entries are allowed per company in all categories except coffee, where two entries are permitted due to logistical constraints. All entered products must be made in the United States. Email with any questions. Good luck!

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As we apply for grants to grow the Good Food Awards, this helps us make a compelling case for the importance of the craft food industry.

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Membership dues are based on annual sales:
$100: Under $250K / $200: $250K - $1M / $400: $1M & Above

Your Entries - Chocolate

Note that answers to the questions regarding third-party organic certification will not affect your eligibility for a Good Food Award, however we will be specially recognizing winners who use exclusively certified organic ingredients with a Good Food Awards Gold Seal. Only bean to bar chocolate is eligible for entry, anything else should be entered under confections.


Pledge of Eligibility - Chocolate

In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, I pledge that all my entries fit the following criteria. I understand that if I am a finalist I will be asked to further elaborate on how my entries reflect these criteria, and I understand that false statements are grounds for disqualification. Should the vetting committee request further details, I will be willing to provide information about production practices as well as contact information for businesses and individuals directly involved in the production of my entries.


DISCLOSURE: All the information provided in this entry form is true, accurate, and complete as of the date of this application.