The Awards

Conflict of Interest Policy

1. Committee Chairs and Members may not serve as judges at the Good Food Awards Blind Tasting.

2. Judges may not submit products to the category they are judging. They may submit products to other categories.

3. Only Committee Chairs and Members (up to 3 individuals per category) and Good Food Awards staff may have access to entrant information. They may share the names of submitting companies with committee members as part of the group effort to do outreach for entries, but no other product information.

4. Only one Committee Chair may have access to Blind Tasting scores, and may not share the information with anyone besides Good Food Awards staff. If a Committee Chair works for a company entering the Good Food Awards, they will not be the designated Chair who has access to scores. Should both Chairs be affiliated with entering companies, the Good Food Awards will designate an unaffiliated person to collect and coordinate the scoring during the Blind Tasting.

5. No more than one person from any given company or organization may serve on each category’s judging panel.