Rachel Robey
Originally from just outside Washington D.C., Rachel is a 2017 graduate of Tulane University with her B.A. in Communication Studies. While summers spent interning with D.C. non-profits cultivated her interest in social justice, it was time in New Orleans that fueled her love of food–both the eating and cooking of it. It was also living, working and studying in New Orleans that introduced her to the intersecting issues of sustainability, accessibility and the preservation of American foodways. Of particular interest to her is the history and politics of food. Rachel is excited to join the Good Food Foundation and continue learning about ethical and responsible food production. You can find her at any used book store, probably in the cookbook section.

Emily Marcus
Emily is a native of Buffalo, New York and a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Environmental Studies. While at UVM, Emily’s studies were concentrated in nature, culture, and justice, and she was an organizer with the UVM fossil fuel divestment campaign, Student Climate Culture. She is particularly interested in the intersection of food justice with economic, racial and environmental equity. Emily is a good food enthusiast and appreciates food’s role as a catalyst for connection. She is so passionate about Vermont cheese, she named her cat Cheddar.