The Good Food Awards are being organized by The Good Food Foundation in collaboration with a broad community of food producers, chefs, food writers and passionate food-lovers. A committee of food producers and experts has been assembled to advise on criteria and shape each part of the Good Food Awards, and they in turn have selected a dozen judges that represent the entire country and spectrum of food expertise to judge each category.

The Good Food Foundation is a 510(c)3 Nonprofit organization led by Sarah Weiner and Dominic Phillips, who have united their diverse skills to support the sustainable food movement. Through focused events and strategic models we engage the public in finding better ways to feed our communities. Our collaborative approach draws upon the wealth of talent and creativity of our colleagues and community organizations.

Sarah has worked as a community organizer within the food movement for nearly a decade, and Dominic has 18 years of experience producing large-scale events all over the world. The Good Food Foundation works in step with the sustainable food movement to bring Good Food to all. Good Food is delicious, crafted by people who are treated fairly, and grown in a way that promotes a healthy, diverse environment. Good Food has a story. It connects us to one another. It helps communities to grow. It makes us all enjoy life more fully.