Good Spirits are made by distillers committed to their craft, making responsible choices at every step of the process. Spirits that meet the criteria for entry will be able to trace all of their ingredients, from base distillate to added ingredients, without the use of genetically modified crops and without artificial additives. The Good Food Awards seal will be given in the categories of Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Agave-Based, Sugarcane-Based, Fruit Distillates, Liqueurs and Modifiers. View the full criteria for entry.


Sarah Mosbacher is the Business Manager for Republic Restoratives, Washington DC’s first women-owned distillery and the latest in a series of food & beverage-focused ventures to which she has devoted her business management and operations talents. Sarah’s prior work includes FRESHFARM Markets, The Sustainable Food Trust and Rise Biscuits & Donuts.  She likes snacks, a perfect Manhattan and spreadsheets.

Brittany Smail (Chair Emeritus), Pizzeria Delfina

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