Good Spirits are made by distillers committed to their craft, making responsible choices at every step of the process. Spirits that meet the criteria for entry will be able to trace all of their ingredients, from base distillate to added ingredients, without the use of genetically modified crops and without artificial additives. The Good Food Awards seal will be given in the categories of Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Agave-Based, Sugarcane-Based, Fruit Distillates, Liqueurs and Modifiers. View the full criteria for entry.


Nicolas Palazzi is a Bordeaux-bred, Brooklyn-based importer and distributor specializing in artisan Cognac, and other forgotten spirits. His company, PM Spirits, imports artisanal distillates from France, Italy and Spain—all of which are made by real people who respect local traditions and work obsessively while rejecting any notions of additives or corner cutting.  Nicolas is also the exclusive distributor of a larger, but very focused, portfolio of spirits in the New York market.


2016 Committee Members will be posted in June.


Nima Ansari, Spirits Buyer, Astor Wines & Spirits
Dario Barbone, Co-Founder, Baia Pasta
Moke Berg, Moke Barrels
Andrew Bohrer, Vice President of Sales, Novo Fogo Organic Chacaça
Lou Bustamante, Writer, The Village Drunk
Yuseff Cherney, Chief Operating Officer, Head Brewer & Head Distiller, Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
Forrest Cokely, Minister of Culture, Haas Brothers
Michael Dimock, President, Roots of Change
Alexandra Farrington, Director of Wine & Spirits, Mouth.com
Jon Gasparini, Co-Owner, 15 Romolo, Rye & Rye On The Road
Avery Glasser, Co-Founder, Bittermens & DALA Spirits
Steve Livigni, Bartender & Owner, Scopa Italian Roots
Ismael Macias, Co-Owner, Four Star Seafood
Benito Martinez, Assistant Wine Director, Michael Mina Group
Jeffrey Meisel, President & Founder, Merchants of Beverage
Jessie Rogers, Director of Marketing, Bi-Rite Market
Steve Ury, Lawyer & Independent Writer, Sku’s Recent Eats

Thad Vogler, Owner, Bar Agricole & Trou Normand