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The Good Food Retailers Collaborative is a group of nearly two dozen of the country’s best independently owned markets committed to supporting American craft food producers and each other. It exists to empower retailers that share the values of taste, authenticity and responsible production to build symbiotic relationships with craft food producers and each other in order to thrive as businesses and agents of change.

The Good Food Retailers Collaborative is the Presenting Sponsor of the Good Food Awards, supporting the project financially more significantly than any other single company, and co-hosts the three Good Food Mercantiles each year. As thought leaders with significant buying power amongst them, the members ensure each Mercantile is a success for the food crafters by coming to meet, taste and place wholesale orders from the good food crafters showing – and inviting their peers to do the same.

Additionally, at twice-annual meetings and an annual retreat, the members of the Good Food Retailers Collaborative support each other in becoming better businesses and advocates for good food by discussing shared challenges and solutions to everything from finding and retaining talent to point of sales systems to succession planning.


Members of the Collaborative are leaders and innovators in retailing good food around the country that:

• Are committed to the mission of the Collaborative.
• Sell good food.
• Where at least 51% ownership lies in the hands of a family, individual or workers.
• Designate 1-2 owners or senior team members as liaisons and participants.
• Vary in size and number of markets.
• Commit three years to helping build the Collaborative with their time, creativity and dues.


In recognition of the personal relationships that develop when a group is intimate in size, we seek to grow thoughtfully to 30 member markets by 2018. The Collaborative places a special focus on geographic span, in order to create a peer group for innovators in parts of the country where few like-minded retailers exist and to support the growth of local food communities around the country. To learn more about joining this unique group, please email Sarah Weiner at sarah@goodfoodfdn.org.


The following markets proudly represent the Collaborative in 11 states and 16 cities:

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