We have special opportunities for press at all of our upcoming Good Food events: the Good Food Mercantile in Chicago on May 1st, 2016 and New York on June 25, 2016, as well as the Good Food Awards Blind Tasting in September 2016. Please contact Samantha at for accreditation.


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Good Food Awards 2016
2016 Winners Announced
2016 Finalists Announced

Good Food Awards 2015
2015 Winners Announced
2015 Finalists Announced
Entry Period July 7-August 1

Good Food Roadshow 2014
Portland, OR | July 18
Washington DC | June 8

Good Food Awards 2014
2014 Finalists Announced
2014 Winners Announced

Good Food Awards 2013
2013 Winners Announced
2013 Finalists Announced
Post Blind October Tasting

Good Food Awards 2012
1.18.12 Winners Announced
11.15.11 Finalists Announced
8.18.11 Gilt Taste Announces Collaboration

Good Food Awards 2011
1.20.11 Winners Announced
1.6.11 Good Food Month
11.15.10 Finalists Announced


Good Food Awards 2015: “The Good Movement is Nothing Like a Start Up” 

Good Food Awards 2012