Middleton Farm – Raspberry Preserves

2011 Good Food Awards Preserves Winner

Merrilee Olson is a small-scale artisan preserve and pickle co-packer under the label PRESERVEsonoma.  Under Merrilee’s unique business model, she uses produce from local farms and creates fresh jams and pickles that the farm will sell as a value-added product under their own label.  For Middleton Farms, Merrilee uses an heirloom variety of raspberry, grown by farmer Nancy Skall at her CCOF certified organic farm.  At Middleton Farms, there is six acres of diverse crops grown in “pure black gold” topsoil.  The raspberries are so delicate and fresh the Nancy insists that you do not wash them before eating.  Merrilee would like PRESERVEsonoma to continue to grow as a community canning center.  In the future, she would like to glean produce from farmers markets that does not sell, make it into a delicious value-added product, and give it to local food pantries.  She hopes that the canning centers are reborn in the communities across the country to support small farmers and feed people across the country.

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Community Awards

Nancy Skall
Owner of Middleton Farms which produces exclusively heirloom-variety fruits

Patti Stack
Operates Capers & Co., a catering business and community kitchen in Sebastopol, CA