Ann’s Raspberry Farm – Jalapeno Raspberry Jam

2011 Good Food Awards Preserves Winner

Ann’s Raspberry Farm specializes in berries and Brussels sprouts, a venture which began as a way to satisfy Ohio native Ann Trudel’s need for raspberry jam and her French-Canadian husband Daniel’s need to have steak with Brussels sprouts.  The farm is certified naturally grown, and although they are not certified organic, the Trudels use organic measures to cultivate and harvest all of their crops.  Their raspberry and jalapenos are grown on the farm using a drip irrigation system to conserve water; fish emulsion is used as a fertilizer, while weeds are removed by hand.  The farm invites the public to come pick berries and take half home with them while leaving the other half for the farm to make jam.  Berries picked in the morning are transformed into a sweet, ruby preserve by the afternoon, a final product bursting with fresh, local flavors.  One challenge Ann’s Raspberry Farm faces is the certification process.  Fees for commercial kitchens and the cost to certify a product all pose financial burdens for small producers.  Ann and Daniel hope to see any easier, more simplified certification process employed in the future.

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Community Awards

Innovative Farmers of Ohio (IFO), Sharon Sachs Ph. D.
Non-profit supporting sustainable agriculture in Ohio

Ohio State Extension Office, Troy Cooper
Ohio extension agent helping to develop the food system in Ohio

Edible Columbus Magazine, Nancy McKibben
Supportive Ohio Journalist