McClure’s Pickles – McClure’s Brine

2011 Good Food Awards Pickles Winner

Joe and Bob McClure started McClure’s Pickles in 2006 using their great grandmother’s pickle recipe as their inspiration.  Centered out of Detroit and Brooklyn, they source local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible to craft their pickle products.  In Detroit, McClure’s sources from Ruhlig Farm and Christopher Ranch, for the cucumber juice, garlic, dill and peppers that liven up their brine; both farms grow their produce using organic methods.  In addition to sustainable ingredients, McClure’s uses labeling printed with soy-based ink and chemical-free plating, all created with wind-powered energy.  Bob McClure hopes to spread McClure’s to new local economies by setting up more commercial kitchens in different parts of the country.

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Community Awards

Simon Bondy of Ann Bondy Farms
Produce grower in Ontario, Canada

Greg Prillwitz of Mammoth Fruit Farm
Produce grower in Eau Claire, Michigan