Kimchi, cortado, bread and butter pickles and even kombucha: all vinegared and lacto-fermented savories made around the country from real ingredients that are responsibly foraged or grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides are eligible for the Good Food Pickles Award. View the full criteria for entry.


Julia Braun has been experimenting in the kitchen for as long as she has been tall enough to see over the counter. Since moving to the Bay area in 2012, she has taken her love of pickling to a professional level, working for Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley.  She currently spends her days serving paella at Duende in Oakland, where she occasionally has the honor of fermenting vegetables for the kitchen and bar.  She is also launching Hugs & Knishes, a bicycle powered food cart and catering company that specializes in Eastern European street food (and yes, pickles!).

Miriam Feiner‘s love of food was born on the farm, and raised in the garden.  For two and a half years Miriam ran a pickles and preserves business as part of Adamah’s Jewish farming and sustainability fellowship.  Fearing that she would leave work every day smelling like pickles, she still loved being up to her elbows in 55 gallon barrels of Adamah Dills and Firekraut. More recently, Miriam has bridged her love of farming and food with the education system, where she has held teaching, administrative and management roles in garden and cooking programs in San Francisco and Berkeley.


Todd Champagne, Owner, Happy Girl Kitchen


Addie Rose Holland, Co-founder at Real Pickles
Brandon Jew, Chef
Brenda Crow, Founder at Foodshed
Cindy Mojico, Sous Chef at Comstock Saloon
Dan Rosenberg, Co-Founder at Real Pickles
Dennis Lee, Chef/Owner at Namu Gaji
Dennis Murphy, Marketing and PR Administrator at Green Leaf
Emily Dellas, Founding Chef and Instructor at First Class Cooking
Henry WolfeMusician and Songwriter
Jennifer Harris, Fermentation Festival Coordinator at Farm to Fermentation
Jodi Liano, Founder of San Francisco Cooking School
Jordan Kushins, Freelance Writer
Julia Crookston, Owner of Goodland Market & Kitchen
Kathryn Lukas, CEO and Founder of Farmhouse Culture
Kayoko Akabori, Owner of UmamiMart
Kristyn Leach, Farmer at Namu Farm
Linda Ziedrich, Author of The Joy of Pickling
Luke Chappell, CEO & Founder at Luke’s Local
Mara King, Co-founder of Esoteric Food Company
Mark Kurian, Reality TV Host at Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine
Mathewe Elias, Farmer at True Grass Farms
Nick Balla, Chef at Bar Tartine
Nicole Mason, Partnerships Coordinator&Marketing Manager at Veritable Vegetable
Ron Pardini, Executive Director of Urban Village Farmers’ Market Association
Russ Moore, Chef&Owner of Camino Restaurant
Sandy Peterson
Tim Mueller
, Pack Leader of the Riverdogs at Riverdog Farms
Yoko Kumano, Owner of UmamiMart