Kimchi, cortado, bread and butter pickles and even kombucha: all vinegared and lacto-fermented savories made around the country from real ingredients that are responsibly foraged or grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides are eligible for the Good Food Pickles Award. View the full criteria for entry.


Emiliana Puyana was born in New York, but raised in Venezuela. Food and cooking have always been her passion and love. In 2002, she made the move from New York to San Francisco, having fallen in love with the Bay Area after working at La Folie.  She has held many different food titles as a San Francisco resident, including creator, owner, and one and only hand of Jarred SF Brine, a two-time Good Food Award winner in the Pickles category. Her love of all things food keeps her glued to the Bay Area, while constantly on the move. She now finds herself working as the program coordinator at La Cocina, a non-profit organization that supports low income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses.

Christian Reynoso first learned about good food in Sonoma Valley as a child at his parents’ Spanish restaurant where he would help out by hiding under tables and popping out to surprise greet guests. As Christian has lived in the Bay Area, he has grown his passion for connecting people through food. A two-time judge and Co-Chair, last year for the Good Food Awards, he brings this experience and food knowledge to the Pickles Committee again this year. He is a graduate from the Pickles and Ferments Mastery course at The Food Craft Institute, where he honed his own canning business savvy. He is also an active taste panel member on the California Olive Oil Council in Berkeley. Mainly, he can be found in the kitchen at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. When he is not cooking at Zuni, he is still cooking and testing recipes for new cookbooks for chefs in the bay area and beyond. 


Anna Carpenter, General Manager, Bi-Rite Creamery
Karen Solomon, Food Writer, Asian Pickles: Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It
Maricela Yee, Founder, Little Shop Artisan Box


Laiko Bahrs, Founder, Good Food Communications
Rebecca Boice, Head Chef, Zuni Café
Gabriel Cole, Co-Founder & CEO, Fare Resources
Dana Eastland, Manager, Creative Strategy & Operations, RRPR Creative
Eric Ehler
, Head Cook, Black Sands Beer
Dani Fisher, Head of Marketing, Good Eggs
Cathy Leland, Buyer, Market Hall Foods
Neil Lick, Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Williams-Sonoma
Nicole Mason, Manager, Veritable Vegetable
Annie Miller, Director of Marketing, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses
Aislinn Muir, Specialty Buyer, Tomales Bay Foods
Hannah Rahill, Vice President & Publishing Director, 10 Speed Press
Leah Rosenthal, Director of Digital Marketing, WebSight Design
Deena Shanker, Food & Health Reporter, Bloomberg
Phi Tran, Princess Tofu
Sean Vahey, Co-Founder, Humphry Slocombe
Lukas Volger, Cookbook Author & Editorial Director, Jarry
Eric Wolfinger, Food Photographer