Pantry Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, pantry entries must be made with ingredients that are foraged or grown:

With a balanced objective of local, organic and highest-quality.*
With transparency in supply chain.**
Without high fructose corn syrup or any artificial ingredients, preservatives or colors, including artificial smoke flavoring.
Without genetically modified organisms (including GM beet sugar and vinegar derived from GM corn).
With spices that are certified organic, fair trade or traceable to the farm level.

The final product must also be made:

• In the USA.
With rBGH-free milk, where milk is used.
And with domestic, non-petroleum based vinegar where vinegar is used.

Additionally, pantry entries must fit within one of the following subcategories:

Pantry Sauces & Pastes (e.g., miso, sambal, curry paste, hot sauce, BBQ sauce)
Salsas, Relishes & Savory Chutneys (e.g., onion chutney, tomatillo salsa)
Condiments (e.g., mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard)
Flavor Bases (e.g., fish sauce, soy sauce)
 Maple Syrups
Nut Butters

*Ingredients that make up less than 2% of the product, such as spices, sugar or lemon juice, may be sourced from farther afield, or from a larger distributor.

**That is, an earnest attempt is made to verify the origin and production methods of the ingredient.  If made with ingredients that are not grown domestically on a commercial scale, a farm-direct or certified organic source is sought out and documentation of this search, including notes on calling distributors, is provided.