The Good Food Awards celebrates cultural authenticity, regional flavors and traditions with our pantry category! Umami-packed miso paste, pungent sambal, spicy hot sauce, colorful salsa and a plethora of savory condiments, made from responsibly sourced, GMO-free ingredients, will be considered for Awards this year. View the full criteria for entry.


Geetika Agrawal is the Senior Program Manager at La Cocina, a non-profit food business incubator based in the Mission District of San Francisco. At La Cocina she works directly with talented immigrant entrepreneurs as they scale up and grow their food businesses – which means she spends every day in a kitchen surrounded by folks cooking up dishes from every corner of the world – Japan, Nepal, Guanajuato, and more.  She can’t wait to see the amazing products people are cooking up to make our pantries and our dishes more delicious.

Allison Ball is the founder of Allison Ball Consulting, specializing in growing food businesses through her one-on-one consulting and online group classes. Prior to launching her own business, Alli was essential in the development of the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses, sourcing product and coaching grocery staff for years on 18th Street, and then as Head of Grocery & Store Manager at Divisadero, building and managing a team and operations to support the majority of the products in the store. Alli has a deep love of savory foods, and is happiest when starting each day with avocado toast and a bike ride. 


Annaliese Brown, Food Project Manager, Freelance
John Herbstritt, Wine Director, Mister Jiu’s
Stacy Ladenburger, Community Manager & Editor, GuildSomm


Larry Bain, Founder, Let’s Be Frank
Jaclyn Coleman, Project Manager, Community Grains
Cindy Daniel, Co-Owner, Healdsburg SHED
Ally DeArman, Director, The Food Craft Institute
Susanna Evans, Managing Director, Midwest Roots
Erin Ferguson, Digital Product Manager, Blue Bottle Coffee
Merril Gilbert, Advisor, The Food Business School & Founder, The Merril Gilbert Company
Jake Godby, Founder, Humphry Slocombe
Gina Hamm, Sourcing Manager, Boeing & formerly with Williams-Sonoma
Heather Haskell, Marketing Manager, AG Ferrari
Corey Hill, Founder, Indie Food Hub
Emily King, Office & Accounting Manager, Liberty Heights Fresh
Perri Kramer, Project Director, The Plant Café Organic
Alison Kunetka, Manager of Food Development, Williams-Sonoma
Adriana Almazan Lahl, Owner, Sal de Vida Gourmet
Steph Lawrence, Founder, Traveling Spoon
Dilsa Lugo, Owner & Chef, Los Cilantros
Joyce Mallonee, Food Product Launch Consultant, Mallonee & Associates
David McGregor, Executive Chef, The Henry Ford
Christina Mitchell, Founder, Local Biz Talk
Lisa Murray, Retailer & Catering Manager, La Cocina
Jen Pelka, Principal, Magnum PR
Francis Percival, Food & Wine Writer
Brenda Ruiz, Youth Projects Director, Slow Food Sacramento
Linda Sikorski, Senior Buyer, Market Hall Foods
Gibson Thomas, Publisher & Editor in Chief, Edible Marin & Wine Country
Avital Ungar, Founder, Avital Food Tours