The Good Food Awards oil category recognizes America’s tastiest fruit, nut and seed oils from pioneering producers who hold to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Whether from olives, hazelnuts or squash seeds, Good Oil is pressed and bottled without the use of added heat, chemical extractors, artificial additives or genetically modified ingredients. View the full criteria for entry.

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Roberta Klugman, Klugman & Associates, provides strategic communications for the food and wine industries. Previously, Klugman served as executive director of The American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF), where she produced programs such as “Resetting the American Table” and several annual Conferences on Gastronomy. A member of Les Dames D’Escoffier and a past president of the San Francisco Professional Food Society, she serves on the advisory boards for Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) and Communities Adolescents Nutrition Fitness (CANFIT). She has been championing olive oil for over 30 years!

Lisa Pollack joined the California Olive Oil Council in 2013 and has since refined her ability to appreciate fresh, authentic extra virgin olive oil. As the marketing director, Lisa oversees the organization’s Seal Certification Program, which verifies the quality of all COOC members’ oil. Additionally, she works on marketing campaigns to promote California olive oil through educational seminars, trade shows and events. Lisa has a background working with nonprofits and also spent time abroad teaching in South Korea. Lisa harvested olives in New Zealand in 2013 and with this experience her allegiance to fresh, quality olive oil was born.

Patricia Darragh (Chair Emeritus), Executive Director, California Olive Oil Council


Lynne Char Bennett, Editorial Assistant, Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine & Freelance Journalist
Max Kirwin, Store Supervisor, We Olive & Wine Bar Los Gatos


Debbie Conti, Pantry Buyer, Healdsburg SHED
Franco Dunn, Owner & Sausage Maker, Franco’s One World Sausages
Lawrence Jacobs, Buyer, Oliver’s Market
Elaine Johnson, Senior Food Editor, Sunset Magazine
Olga Katsnelson, Founder, Postcard Communications
Kitty Keller, Founder, KL Keller Foodways
Raph Mogannam, Grocery Buyer, Bi-Rite Family of Markets
Mary Mori, Director of Technical Services, California Olive Ranch
Susan Patton-Fox, Sales, McKenna Marketing
Janell Pekkain, Owner, Olive This, Olive That & Member, COOC Taste Panel
Naomi Starkman, Founder, Civil Eats
Janet Tarlov, Co-Owner, Canyon Market