Good Food Mercantile

The Good Food Foundation and the Good Food Retailers Collaborative are proud to present the Good Food Mercantile, the un-trade show for tasty, authentic, responsible food. This one-day, intimate gathering of like-minded food crafters and retailers offers the same sized booths to everyone, a start time conducive to arriving well rested and booth fees at a fraction of the price of other trade shows. This is the Good Food Movement’s answer to building commerce and community.

While traditional trade shows convene tens of thousands of buyers, many are not prepared to work with businesses whose core aspirations don’t include unbridled growth, and smaller companies can find themselves lost amongst a sea of thousands of booths. The Good Food Mercantile is a different kind of gathering. Open exclusively to members of the Good Food Guild, it is an opportunity for thoughtful, responsible American food crafters to connect with the growing community of retailers that value quality, care and craftsmanship.

If you are interested in learning more, email for more information.


The Good Food Mercantile began as a bi-annual celebration: the San Francisco Mercantile takes place during the Good Food Awards weekend in mid-January, and the New York Mercantile occurs each year the day before the NYC Summer Fancy Food Show. Beginning in 2016, a third traveling Mercantile will be held in the spring, each year gracing a new city to give producers in different parts of the country the opportunity to participate with ease. The city of Chicago hosted the first traveling Mercantile in May 2016 at the Revel Fulton Market. The second traveling event was held in Washington DC at Union Market in April 2017.


The Good Food Mercantile is limited to 150 food producers who have passed the sustainability vetting process to become a Good Food Guild Member.* Together, this community is 500 businesses strong and hails from 47 states. In selecting attendees, focus will be placed on ensuring a diverse set of food and drink is represented, with the goal of two-thirds regional and one-third national producers at the gathering.

*Good Food Awards Winners and Finalists who are not yet members of the Good Food Guild will be invited to join in order to show.


The Good Food Mercantile will take place in the following cities in 2018: San Francisco (January 20), Portland (May 4) and New York (June 29). Crafters who would like to learn more about our Mercantile events should email

Retailers, you can reserve your spot for all 2018 Mercantiles now. For attending retailer and media questions, please email


The Good Food Mercantile was launched in San Francisco in January 2015, alongside the Good Food Awards. This first show featured 95 craft food producers from the Good Food community and attracted over 300 retailers and media. Following on the heels of this success, the first New York Good Food Mercantile took place on June 27, 2015. Nearly 100 crafters came to show off their products to over 350 retailers and media, and the second Good Food Mercantile in San Francisco saw 125 crafters and 500 retailers come together.


We are thrilled to bring together so many like-minded individuals who value tasty, authentic, and responsible food. See the crafters and retailers that have attended the past Good Food Mercantiles.

San Francisco Good Food Mercantile
2015:    Crafters    Retailers
2016:    Crafters    Retailers
2017:    Crafters    Retailers
2018:    Crafters    Retailers

New York Good Food Mercantile
2015:    Crafters    Retailers
2016:    Crafters    Retailers
2017:    Crafters    Retailers
2018:    Crafters    Retailers

Traveling Good Food Mercantile
2016:    Crafters    Retailers
2017:    Crafters    Retailers
2018:    Crafters    Retailers

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The Good Food Mercantile is possible due to the support of the Good Food Retailers Collaborative, a group of the country’s most innovative community markets, united to support good food producers in an increasingly crowded marketplace. All members of the Good Food Retailers Collaborative will be in attendance at the Mercantile, connecting with old and new friends and on the lookout for new cheese, preserves, coffee and more to stock their shelves. See all the members of the Good Food Retailers Collaborative here.


Hosted By

In past and future Good Food Mercantiles, we thank our hosts, who help welcome crafters and retailers at each event by creating an interactive space, whether that be an abundant spread of local and regional cheeses, a pour over coffee counter, or oil tasting and education. Our hosts take on a unique role from traditional sponsorship by creatively sharing their leadership in the Good Food Movement.



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