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Good Food Merchants Guild Charter Members

Posted on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 in Blog by goodfoodawards

We are so looking forward to announcing the Good Food Merchants Guild Charter Members in early October.  Our first month has been a flurry of applications, and as we work through our vetting process it is truly inspirational to see the passion and work devoted to creating Good Food, as well as the drive to push the movement further.

The hot topic all month has been sustainable ingredient sourcing.  From a Colorado preserver who is seeking organic sugar, to a group of Virginia applicants who want to switch their milk and egg suppliers in order to become eligible for Guild membership, the desire of producers to improve their sourcing plans is a testament to the amazing spirit of the Good Food community.  That so many applicants are committed to working toward the greater goals of a more sustainable food system shows us that the Good Food Merchants Guild is poised to become a leading network of outstanding American craft food producers.

With the expertise of our talented Advisory Board as well as a far-reaching network of friends and colleagues across the country, we are working to build a database of sustainable ingredient sources for our members.  Through the database, Guild members will be able to access information on where to find the most tasty, responsible, and authentic ingredients at the most reasonable prices available.  Look out for this soon-to-come feature and many more member benefits in the near future!