Elixirs Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, elixirs entries must meet the following standards:

 Made in the USA or US Territories. 
 Utilize ingredients that are grown and sourced responsibly, with awareness of origin, seasonality, trade and labor practices.
• Free of genetically modified ingredients (including GM beet sugar, vinegar derived from GM corn and alcohol derived from GM grain or sugar).
• Free of high fructose corn syrup.  Sweeteners must be organic or Fair Trade certified.*
• Free of artificial ingredients, including colors, flavors and preservatives.**
 If made with fruits and vegetables, they are grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. Where a grain is the primary ingredient there is a strong effort made to use ingredients free of these inputs wherever possible.***
• All spices and herbs must be certified organic, Fair Trade or traceable to the farm level and grown without the use of synthetic inputs.****

Additionally, elixirs entries must fit within one of the following subcategories: 
• Shrubs and Drinking Vinegars
• Concentrates
• Flavor Extracts
• Tinctures

* Honey does not require organic certification, but must meet the criteria established for the Good Food Awards honey category.

 ** Citric acid will be accepted for some extracts.

*** IPM practices will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

****If less than 2% of ingredients in the product do not meet this stipulation, the entry will not be disqualified.