Whether you are crafting the modern cocktail or the wholesome answer to a bottle of pop, finely made modifiers add intensity, nuance and complexity to your refreshment of choice. Shaken or stirred, our Elixir category celebrates the ingredients at the front of the bar – Bitters, Shrubs, Syrups, Tinctures, Concentrates, Drinking Vinegars and Flavor Extracts – made with the most thoughtful of ingredients. View the full criteria for entry.


Rob Easter, is a distiller and founder of Workhorse Rye, an agriculturally focused whiskey and bitters company in the Bay Area. In beverage and food hospitality since his teens, he’s had delicious and shaping opportunities such as being a barista at Four Barrel Coffee, bartender at Neta in Manhattan, and distiller at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn. Learning from amazingly professional and passionate people and serving an increasingly aware consumer base has consistently fed a dedication to elevate any area of consumption; especially those most overlooked in modern era like bitters and syrups.


Brittany Smail, Pizzeria Delfina & GFA Chair Emeritus, Spirits

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