Confections Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, confections entries must meet the following standards:

• Made in the USA or US territories.
Free of artificial ingredients, including colors, flavors and preservatives.
Free of genetically modified ingredients.
Free of high fructose corn syrup.
If made with chocolate, it must be premium couverture and may not be made with substitute fats as alternatives to cocoa butter.  Additionally this chocolate cannot be made with GM sugar, GM lecithin or alternatives to real vanilla (ie flavoring).
If made with dairy and other animal-derived ingredients, these are locally sourced and/or certified organic; free range; hormone-free; and from animals raised using good animal husbandry.*
If made with inclusions and flavorings that are grown domestically, they are locally sourced wherever possible; traceable; and grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers.**
If made with inclusions and flavorings that are not grown domestically on a commercial scale, they are farm-direct, certified organic or Fair Trade certified.**

Additionally, confections entries must fit within one of the following subcategories:

Marshmallows, Nougats, Torrones
Caramels, wrapped
Caramels, chocolate covered
Brittles & Toffees
Chocolates:  Truffles, Creams, Bon-bons, Pralines
Fruit:  Pate De Fruit, Candied Fruit and Peel, Fruit Gelee
Nuts and Sweet Snacks:  Dragees, Caramelized Nuts (sweet), Caramel Corn
Candy Bars
Flavored & Inclusion Bars***
Sauces & Spreads

*The Good Food Awards will refer to the GAP and Animal Welfare Approved guidelines to define “good animal husbandry” should there be any questions as to eligibility based on this criterion.

**If less than 2% of ingredients in the product do not meet this stipulation, the entry will not be disqualified.

***Bean-to-bar makers may enter flavored or inclusion bars in their choice of the Chocolate or Confections category.

Note that we encourage but do not require that Confections entrants use domestically produced craft chocolate that is made with beans from a traceable source, purchased at a price above Fair Trade standard pricing, with focus on sustainable farming. Bean-to-bar chocolate should be entered in the Chocolate category, anything else should be entered in the Confections category.