Public Domain – Kona Cloud Forest

2011 Good Food Awards Coffee Winner

Public Domain was the vision of Paul Thornton from Coffee Bean International to establish strong relationships with the community and make the coffee accessible to the public in downtown Portland.  The central barista bar makes it so that the coffee is always showcased and on display.  At their LEED Silver Certified roastery, Public Domain roasts small batches, which they sell exclusively in their store.  Trent and Lisa Bateman grow this Kona coffee at an elevation of 3200 feet in Hawaii.  Paul personally worked with Trent to identify this rare coffee variety and pays two and a half times market price for the beans.  Grown on the top of lava caves, which allow for drainage, this coffee reflects the elevation and rare growing conditions of the farm.  Trent and Lisa’s farm is certified organic and home to donkeys, pigs and geese.  They use duck feces as fertilizer and weed the land using animals and by hand.  The farm also has many native trees, which provide shade, and they compost all pulp that is the byproduct of processing.  In the future, Paul sees specialty coffee leading the way by making the process right all the way through- from growing, to roasting to brewing.  He feels that it is important for the barista to be the critical player between producers/roasters and consumer, as they keep the consumers informed of the story behind the coffee.

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