Noble Coffee Roasting – Kenyan Kiaora

2011 Good Food Awards Coffee Winner

Jared Rennie founded Noble Coffee with the mission to be quality driven, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly.  Certified organic by the Soil Association UK, Noble’s Kenyan Kiaora coffee is the first certified organic coffee grown in Kenya.  At Kiaora Farm, the coffee is grown under the shade of a macadamia canopy, which provides greater biodiversity and bird habitat.   This shade allows the coffee to grow longer and develop a richer flavor, which, combined with a rigorous selection process of coffee cherries, culminates in a superior cup quality.  The community that cares for the orchards is paramount, so Kiaora Farm builds schools to safeguard the welfare of the young in the community.  Jared would like to extend the meaning of organic, when connected to coffee, from a commonplace buzzword to an indicator of biodiversity, environmental health and superior worker conditions.

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Community Awards

Yesenia Villota of InterAmerican Coffee
Noble Coffee’s partner at InterAmerican Coffee