Gimme! Coffee – Finca San Luis

2011 Good Food Awards Coffee Winner

GIMME! Coffee sources their Finca San Luis coffee through Virmax Café, a Colombian exporter committed to quality, transparency, sustainability, and long-term relationships.  For the past two years, Virmax Café has worked with Omar Aranjo from Finca San Luis to improve the quality of the cherries, the farm’s drying practices, and general sustainable practices.  Omar Aranjo recently invested in a new drying patio which will ensure consistency in the drying process and, subsequently, coffee quality.  Moreover, the Finca San Luis farm is organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.  It is important for Coleen to pay a premium for the coffee not only to ensure quality, but to make certain farm pickers receive fair wages as well.  Colleen Anunu, Director of Coffee, advocates for stable wages and a continued need to work with growers, importers, exporters, financers, retailers, and other individuals involved in the coffee chain.

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Community Awards

Virmax Café
Exporter and project management team that works with the producer

Omar Arango
Coffee producer and owner of Finca San Luis in Libano, Tolima (Colombia)