Coffee Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, coffee entries must meet the following standards:

• Roasted in the USA or US territories.
• Beans must be certified through one or more of the following programs: NOP Organic, Fair Trade (FTUSA/Fairtrade International), SMBC Shade, Rainforest Alliance, C.A.F.E Practices, 4C/CAS – Global Coffee Platform, Demeter Biodynamic

All entries will be brewed to “Gold Cup Standards”. Our ratio is 60g of coffee per liter of water. Water is filtered for taste and odor and is a proper hardness for brewing. We use the EKK Malkhonig grinder and brew on the Bonavita BV1900TS brewer, which is an SCA-certified home brewer. The Blind Tasting will use similar scoresheets and protocol to the Roasters Choice Competition.