Theo Chocolate – Theo & Jane Goodall 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

2011 Good Food Awards Chocolate Winner

The Theo & Jane Goodall 70% chocolate bar uses organic cacao beans from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.  The Fortaleza del Valle (FdV) cooperative in central Ecuador is committed to both social and environmental sustainability.  FdV emphasizes the production of the classic nacional cacao variety which “exhibits frutier flavors and is slowly being lost in the country to the highly productive cacao clone CCN-51.”  This heirloom strain is unique to Ecuador and thus, truly expresses the “terroir.”  Theo also sources beans from two community associations of the National Confederation of Dominican Cacao Producers (CONACADO).  Through the sales of cacao, CONACADO has been able to develop many community programs within the Federation, such as a women’s economic leadership program, ecotourism training for youth of cacao farmers, training on farm management and post harvesting processing, as well was community nurseries for improved planting material.  Both organizations train their farmers on proper farm management which includes pruning, organic fertilization methods, as well as integrated pest management.  At Theo, they would like to see increased transparency in the chocolate industry and hopes that Theo’s mission can help redefine the chocolate landscape so that ultimately, delicious chocolate benefits the earth, the people growing it, and the people eating it.

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