Good Food Awards will be given to the tastiest artisan and farmstead cheeses in the categories of Fresh, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard and Hard. Cheese subcategories eligible for an award include Yogurt and Kefir. Cheeses, yogurts and kefir that meet the criteria for entry are made using good animal husbandry, without the use of hormones, and without the use of herbicides and pesticides on the pastures. View the full criteria for entry.


Emily Shartin worked as a newspaper reporter before a love of food lured her to cooking school. After working as a cheesemonger, buyer and education coordinator at Formaggio Kitchen in Massachusetts, she moved to northern California, where she now works in the wholesale office at Tomales Bay Foods and is a member of the Board of Directors for the California Artisan Cheese Guild. In addition to cheese, she is passionate about beer, wine, bread, and essentially all things involving fermentation.


Bonnie Kaufman, Sales Representative at Fresca Italia
Chris Munsey, West Coast Sales Director at Vermont Creamery
Louella Hill,
Teacher and Cheesemaker at SF Milk Maid
Maureen Cunnie, 
Head Cheesemaker at Cowgirl Creamery
Mikey Plannett,
Associate Store Team Leader at Whole Foods Market, Ocean Avenue


Amy Thompson, Food Consultant
Anna Last, Creative Director at Williams-Sonoma
Bernardo Hernandez,
Former Managing Director of Zagat
Brad Jones, 
Cheese of Choice Coalition Program Manager at Old Ways

Colter Hansen, Assistant Manager/Cheese Monger at Eataly NYC
Gianaclis Caldwell, Co-Owner of Pholia Farm
Jon Fancey, Cheese and Specialty Food Buyer at Cheese Plus
Jonathan Alexander, Buyer at Driver’s Market
Kiri Fisher, Co-Owner of The Cheese School of San Francisco
Kirstin Jackson, Author of It’s Not You, It’s Brie

Liz Rubin, Cheese & Wine Specialist at Bi-Rite Market
Marnie Clarke, Co-Owner of DTLA Cheese

Rachel Cohen, SF City Lead at Good Eggs
Rachel Perez, French Cheese Ambassador at French Cheese Club
Renato Sardo, Co-Owner of Baia Pasta
Rich Rogers, Co-Owner of Scardello Cheese
Samantha Chertoff, West Coast Sales Manager at Columbia Cheese
Stephanie Jordan, Sales Manager of World’s Best Cheeses
Stephanie Lawrence,
 Co-Founder of Traveling Spoon

Tim Bucciarelli, Manager at Formaggio Kitchen