Marin Brewing Company – ESChi

2011 Good Food Awards Beer Winner

Brendan Moylan has been brewing flavorful specialty beer at Marin Brewing Co. since its opening in 1989. Their ESChi is an ESB varietal beer with an Asian spin – brewed with Chinese medicinal herbs sourced from a man who is claimed to have been Jerry Garcia’s acupuncturist. The ESChi also contains malts and hops sourced from England. Generally, Marin Brewing Co. strives to source ingredients locally, but this specific type of beer required English ingredients in order to create the right flavor. While Marin Brewing Co. has not produced organic beers in the past, they stated they were toying with the idea of brewing one in the future as consumer demand and raw ingredients are both just starting to emerge. Arnie Johnson, the head brewer for 15 years, remarked that “As a brewer, quality and flavor is very important…” and that the availability of quality organic ingredients is critical to sustainable beer becoming more widely accepted. The Marin Brewing Co. enforces many standard water conservation practices and has done extensive testing to discover how they can decrease water consumption. As a community brewpub, they have made a strong effort to contribute back to the community and have donated money to many local causes including the Marin Bicycle County Coalition and schools in the area.

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Community Awards

Yen Wei Choong of Yellow Emperor
Chinese Herbs and Chi Herbal Tonic formula provider in Marin County, California

Dave McLean of Magnolia Pub and Brewery
Craft beer brewer in San Francisco, California