Beer Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, beer entries must be:

• Made in the USA.
• Certified organic, or meet at least three of the following eligibility criteria:

• Made with at least one ingredient (besides water) sourced within 150 miles.
• Made with at least one ingredient (besides water) that is grown without the use of synthetic inputs, including pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.
• Made by a brewery that has made concrete water recycling or other resource efficiency improvements in the production or delivery process in the last three years.
• Made by a brewery that engages deeply with its community by producing a festival benefiting local charities; offering paid time off for employees to volunteer in causes they believe in; or otherwise offers substantial support to its community.
• Made by a brewery that proudly maintains one or more third-party accreditations embodying social responsibility and transparency.*

Additionally, beer entries must fit within one of the following subcategories:

Not-So-Intense-But-Still-Mighty-Tasty: Pilsner, Golden, Kolsch, Wit, Hefeweizen, etc.
Amber, Reddish, Deep-Colored-But-Not-Quite-Brown: Marzen, Alt, Amber, Red, Scotch Ale, etc.
Deep, Dark & Delicious: Porters, Schwarzbier, Dark Lager, Stout, etc.
Focusing On That Beautiful Little Hop Flower: Pale Ale, IPA, etc.
Adventurous, Barreled, Big, Bawdy & Belgian: Barrel-Aged, Sour, Belgian, Barleywine, Smoked, Gluten-Free, etc.

*Such as 1% for the Planet, B Corp, GMO-Free Project, Fair Trade, etc.